“Minimal preparation time. Professional visualizations!”

This guiding principle has accompanied us in the development of our products since the beginning. As enthusiastic Lean Management supporters, consultants, moderators and trainers, we are constantly looking for ways to simplify the application of Lean methods and increase the quality of interaction with customers and employees.

In the past, especially when carrying out value stream analyzes and process analyses, we have been faced with a dilemma - either invest half a day or a whole day in preparing the symbols (printing, copying, cutting out, bundling) in order to create a sizable value stream, or spontaneously As part of workshops, I was able to draw the symbols myself on sticky notes, which, depending on my artistic talent, was far from professional visualization.

While preparing a value stream analysis workshop in 2014, the idea was born to develop value stream symbols as sticky notes and offer them in a set with all the necessary materials in a practical case. The prototype was immediately successful and allowed us to eliminate the waste associated with preparation and achieve the target state of minimal preparation time and professional visualization that we required.

In 2015, the Lean & Kaizen Shop went online as a sales platform for SIEBEN – The Lean Expert Company. In the spirit of lean thinking, we continually develop our products and are grateful for ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Your Martin behind

Owner SIEBEN – The Lean Expert Company